Heart of the Song 

I've been taking the time to do in-depth studies of traditional songwriting. Interestingly what I'm finding out about myself in the process is that a lot of my assumptions over the years have been backwards, and sometimes just plain wrong.

For one thing I've been writing lyrics first and going into a recording session trying to put music to the lyrics. While it could be argued that this isn't wrong it IS becoming increasingly clear that what can happen by doing it that way is that you are putting too many…

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Cutting the Fat 

For a little more than a year my wife and I have been dieting and exercising like never before. We've lost a combined weight of 90lbs, and on average we've lost 4.5 inches off of our waists. It's resulted in us feeling better than ever and being able to do more with our kids. 


In a way I've put my website on a diet too. I started it several years ago, and actually in it's current form it's in it's fourth iteration. As a result it started to get rather overblown and for lack of a better word "fat". 


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Fear and the art of flying 

I have the privilege of having a home studio where I can close the door, write, and record my music and other people too. That being said, I have had to come to a place with myself where I actually limit myself in the amount of content that I record, focusing on content quality rather than quantity I know a few artists that will record every single line they write, and post it every time they record something. Intrinsically there's nothing wrong with that. However, in the long run I worry, for myself…

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Thanksgiving 2010 

About a year ago my mother gave Teresa and I her fine china. I have memories of this china from every thanksgiving and Christmas as far back as I can remember as a kid. As I was unpacking it and getting it ready for the festivities for today I was drawn to thinking about holidays of the past, friends and family long gone, and relationships that have ended for one reason or another, and I almost shed a tear. What's done is done and I am comforted in the thought that we will see those friends and family in a…

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25 Albums That Changed My Life 

1. Thomas Dolby-The Golden Age Of Wireless 2. Billy Joel-The Nylon Curtain 3. Yes-90125 4. Eric Clapton-Behind The Sun 5. Genesis-Abacab 6. Genesis-The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 7. Peter Gabriel-So 8. Howard Jones-Dream Into Action 9. Aja-Steely Dan 10. Charlie Peacock-The Secret Of Time 11. Charlie Peacock-Everything thats On My Mind 12. Stevie Wonder-Innervisions 13. Peter Gabriel-Us 14. Muse-Black Holes and Revelations 15. The Police-Synchronicity (Live) 16. Vince Guaraldi Trio-A Charlie…

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The Prophets of Society 

Musicians and songwriters have often been referred to as the prophets of society down through the centuries. Why? Because these kinds of artists have a keen eye for the things that are happening around them, and usually an innate ability to turn it into lyrics that resonate with the masses in some way Modern musical examples of prophets range from Woody Guthrie, to John Lennon, and Bob Dylan. Some would say Bono, but I think he gets way too much credit, no offense. They all had a way of not only…

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The new artistic freedom 

Hi all I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I would throw some of my ponderings into the cyberwind I have been doing some listening lately to the new music that's been coming out and I have to say that there is some good artistry out there. Musically I am really liking bands like The Gaslight Anthem (their new record is American Slang) and I really like David Grays record "Draw The Line". My favorite new record right now is Peter Gabriels "Scratch My Back". At first I didn't totally get it, but…

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SXSW '10 

Well, as you can tell by the title of this most recent offering, it's South by Southwest or SXSW time again I completely blew the deadline to get an act onto one of the stages, so I won't be performing this year. I am, however, in the thick of things as I work on 6th st here in Austin, TX right in the heart of where everything is happening I have to say that I have noticed that this years lineup of industry people look pretty overly serious and beleaguered. Some are obviously just overly serious,…

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Social networking and the working musician 

I was thinking a couple of weeks ago, which I often do. It was an enriching experience Anyway, my thoughts were about social networking and how it is affecting the music industry. We live in an unprecedented time when we are able to connect with friends and family literally all over the world. It's incredible to think that just 15 years ago the internet was a new concept to most people unless you worked for the government, where they've had the internet for a long long time, or at least a version of the…

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Welcome to the new blog! 

I have been maintaining a blog at another location, but from here on out I will be blogging from here. I usually talk about subjects related to music, songwriting, the music biz, and artistry in music. I will occasionally cover other subjects, so dig in and enjoy!