1. Hold My Breath

From the recording Hold My Breath

This is all about the feelings involved the moment you find out you've lost someone significant in your life.

For me it felt like I was drowning in a raging sea during a storm.


Dark Overture/Hold My Breath

If I could hold my breath forever
And let the water carry me
I'd let the river current
Carry me out into the sea

But as it is I think I'm drowning
And I can't see the shore
And I just can't believe
That you won't be here anymore

If I could swim forever
Through crashing waves upon the sea
I'd find a way to save you
And bring you back with me

But I'm barely treading water
But I don't think I care
I just can't believe
You finally climbed the golden stairs

You won't be here anymore
And here I slowly drown
You ascend on high
While I am sinking down
And I am forced to save the passengers
Of this shipwreck you have bore
And I can't believe you won't be here anymore

Oh, slipping and sliding, slipping and sliding
Down, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh