1. For Harold

From the recording For Harold

I wrote this song for my fathers funeral. He was a pilot, so the flight references in the song reflect the way I saw him all my young life.

He was always somewhere else, even when he was in the same room with you. I never understood that.

Later in life I would call to talk to him, and he would pass the phone to my mother after only two or three minutes into the conversation. Even though our relationship was weird, and sometimes strained, I would give anything for one of those three minute awkward phone conversations.


Well okay, I guess I’ll watch you fly away
And I’ll stay here and hope you know your destination
And later on I’ll think about the past we shared
How you held me high when I thought you didn’t care
How you watched me soar
When I didn’t know that you were there
And this lifetime I have spent
Wondering who you are

Where were you? (3 times)
Where was I?

Well alright I guess it’s time to catch your flight
You always had a way of knowing when to go your way
And by the way in case you never heard enough
Of the words you long to hear
Deep down in your soul
In your darkest hour
In the freezing cold
Well I know now who you are
You’re a shooting star

And you shine (3 times)
So bright