Fear and the art of flying

I have the privilege of having a home studio where I can close the door, write, and record my music and other people too. That being said, I have had to come to a place with myself where I actually limit myself in the amount of content that I record, focusing on content quality rather than quantity. I know a few artists that will record every single line they write, and post it every time they record something. Intrinsically there's nothing wrong with that. However, in the long run I worry, for myself anyway, that too much content can overwhelm what ever listeners you have coming to your site, or following your feeds on FB, Twitter, Etc. I'm not saying that if you are putting out special web only content that it's bad. I just wonder how much content the end user is willing to put up with. We are living in an amazing time where record labels are not really a consideration for being able to put out a record, however, we also live in a time where it's not uncommon for hundreds of records a week to be debuted. Who can keep up? I can't. So I think that you can better manage your quality of songwriting and recording by limiting the amount of content you release. Not only that, but when you really focus on one song, getting every word right, and making sure every note played is on purpose, then you have a better chance of making a meaningful connection with the end listener. And after all, that's what you are, or should be, trying to do with your art.

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