Thanksgiving 2010

About a year ago my mother gave Teresa and I her fine china. I have memories of this china from every thanksgiving and Christmas as far back as I can remember as a kid. As I was unpacking it and getting it ready for the festivities for today I was drawn to thinking about holidays of the past, friends and family long gone, and relationships that have ended for one reason or another, and I almost shed a tear. What's done is done and I am comforted in the thought that we will see those friends and family in a better place, in a better time, and all relationships will be reconciled one way or another. As we enter into this holiday season be encouraged to have your fill of love, drink in the affections of those closest to you, pray for those less fortunate, and finally be blessed in the love that God has given. May He keep you and yours in the palm of His hand. Happy Thanksgiving from Michael, Teresa, Madelynn, Catherine, Evelyn, and Devin!

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