Cutting the Fat

For a little more than a year my wife and I have been dieting and exercising like never before. We've lost a combined weight of 90lbs, and on average we've lost 4.5 inches off of our waists. It's resulted in us feeling better than ever and being able to do more with our kids. 


In a way I've put my website on a diet too. I started it several years ago, and actually in it's current form it's in it's fourth iteration. As a result it started to get rather overblown and for lack of a better word "fat". 


What I've been finding out, especially through the urging of friends in the industry, is that a lot of the things I thought were important as an artist are not. I had links to sites that I was only mildly interested in. I had photos of things that I saw on a gig abroad 7 years ago. I had quotes from people that had sent me emails. Stuff that you'd probably not want to see, yet there it was pulling you, the visitor, away from my music and away from the connection that I was hoping to make with you. 


Not anymore. I thought at first it would look bare, and that I'm not doing enough as an artist. Until I started thinking about it. I realized that it's a trap that most independent artists fall into. We all start thinking that if there's not a ton of stuff for people to "do" on our sites that people won't want to come back. In reality it's a simple fact that if your site is straightforward then people won't be confused and will be more likely to come back or sign up for your mailing list.


If people want something to "do" they're going over to FB or they'll play Angry Birds.


So to you the viewer/fan/customer/friend I promise to keep this website on a diet from now on and not to let it get bogged down with unimportant stuff.


Thank you for your continued support!

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