From the recording Thanksgiving


©2023 Sheri A. Swartz, Michael Atkins
November is that special time of the year 
When our eyes and our hearts can see clear 
We have so many things to be thankful for  
And we all bow our heads to pray a little more 
We can't wait till the 4th Thursday arrives   
So we can eat turkey and pumpkin pies       
Some will travel near and some travel far     
It's a family tradition no matter who you are  
We say wow the kids have grown so big
How you doing it's good to see you again
What's that cooking sure smells good in here
And Momma I love what you did to your hair
We share stories of days gone by
And we laugh until we all cry
Then we take time for that extra hug
Thanksgiving brings out the best in all of us
Turn the TV on it's time for the game 
Send the Kids outside to go and play
Wash all the dishes and put things back where they go
Then pull up a chair it's time to throw down some dominos

It's easy to come but so hard to go 
By the end of the day we all know 
It's time for that long drawn out goodbye  
We're thankful for the memories until next time