1. Ocean of Tears

From the recording Ocean of Tears

This song is presented in the form of a disturbing dream in which there are two main characters, a father and son.

At the beginning of the song the father awakes to find himself in the afterlife. not knowing exactly where he is, he then decides to walk until he finds himself at the ocean.

He swims and swims across what is an immense body of water, not really having direction, but having a need to find out where he is. Along the way he comes face to face with his son, who only sees him in the form of a dream. They circle around each other not really realizing who the other one is, until the last second when a voice calls the father home, and the son is left alone.

The son keeps swimming there for a little while in his dream waiting to see if his father will return, and when he doesn't the son returns to the shore. It's only then that we see that the ocean that the father and son were swimming in was an ocean of tears cried by the son over the loss of his father.

I wrote this song during a long commute between Little Rock, AR, and Nashville, TN. The idea actually came from a line in the first song on "shadow", "Hold My Breath". I wanted to expound on the idea of grief being like an unsettled ocean that we are adrift on when we lose someone.