From the recording Chasing The Moon

This is a song about the truths I've come to learn in adulthood. You cannot turn back the clock, and trying to hold on to your youth is like chasing the moon. You can run and run, but you'll never catch it.

We are supposed to grow old. Mainly so we can give perspective and wisdom to the generations following in our footsteps, if they listen that is.

I actually wrote this song in 1996 and did some demos of it and then put it away for a long time. When I was in the writing process, I happened to be listening to some old recordings and found that this song fit perfectly into what I was writing about at the moment.

The string section was performed by my good friend Antonio Marin. He is a classically trained violinist from Spain. His contribution made the song come to life. Thank you Anto.


Chasing The Moon

So many years go by
Before we stop and take a look around
Seems like this life just drags on
And sometimes happiness can never be found

We search for the answers in our past
Pent up like prisoners in walls of glass
This life is over way too soon
And here we are chasing the moon

We all look up one day
To see our youth fading away
And we push and kick and scream
To make all those lines go away

And it’s a losing fight
But it’s one that we battle with all of our might
This life is over way to soon
But here we are chasing the moon

Won’t you break through those walls of glass?
Stop holding on to the past
Throw off your chains
Let somebody love away your pain
Don’t you push and kick and scream
The lines will tell you what they mean
Somewhere down the road
Someday when we’re old

You know it’s not so bad after all

It’s all right, it’s okay
We’ll all have the answers someday
To everything we look for now
It’s all going to work out somehow

It’s all going to work out somehow
This life is over way too soon
So don’t you go chasing the moon