Mike Atkins

"...a walking shadow"

What Was I To You?

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Michael Atkins
Michael Atkins


When one of your parents passes away, you wonder if you said everything you needed to say to them. You wonder if you were a good son or daughter, even if they weren't a great parent. But in the end you realize that they are in you. And you realize you wouldn't be who you are if they weren't.


What was I to You? When I look back on my life Seems you were hardly there Too busy to notice me Maybe to high to care Well I don’t even know If I ever loved you so I never heard you say Son, don’t walk away Chorus: What was I to you? Was I a burden or a dream come true When you first laid eyes on me What did you see Will I ever know the truth Of what was inside of you You were a living ghost to me So what was I to you? I remember the day The last time I saw your face Before you went away On your trip to outer space You let me go so easy You didn’t put up a fight I think you and I We both died that night I’m more like you than I want to be I never knew how much of you was inside me