Mike Atkins
Mike Atkins/Matt Erickson


I had my future made
I had my best plans laid
And I was on my way
I had an open door
Couldn't ask for more
Easily led astray 
Then you looked my way
And everything changed
What I wanted
Wasn't what I need
You've captured my heart, taken my breath away
Given me hope, and moved the clouds away
Showing me that I could have diamonds
On the inside
You came to me and sang me like a song
Gave me a place I know that I belong
Where there was nothing now there are diamonds
On the inside
You have my heart
we'll never be apart
I'm so glad you came
Leaves on every tree
Every star and seed
Whispering your name
You have set 
My universe on fire
You are what I want
And all I need
When the worlds moved on
All that matters is I'm still with you