Box Of Letters

Mike Atkins
Mike Atkins/Matt Erickson


Box Of Letters
I found a box of letters 
Just the other day
I had forgotten everything 
That I said to you
Back then
I remember when 
we were so in love
Oh, Maybe that was me 
I was thinking of 
Back when
I sent you my heart
You put it on a shelf
You gave yours to
Somebody else
I have moved on, the fire is all gone
You never knew love could burn so deep
Those feelings are dead, you made your bed
Now lay down your head and go to sleep
Time has marched on
To the pounding of the drum
And it's much too late
To start again
Now here you are
Wanting me to take you in
But I'm not the same man
That I was back then
I saw you for the first time
Just the other day
Time has not been kind 
You're not the same as you were
Back when