Not Moved Easily


Mike Atkins is an accomplished musician who has been singing and playing the piano since a very young 6 months old, writing songs since age thirteen, and performing on stage for just as long. His songs are described as soulful piano/vocal driven rock with a contemporary edge. 

Recording music has been a passion since Mike began learning how to play. He was fortunate to have friends with home studios who would often let him record there. Sometimes for free, sometimes paying for time by buying dinner for everyone.

Having recorded a full album ("...a walking shadow" 2009) and an EP ("Box Of Letters" 2012) in other peoples studios, Mike felt it was time to bring it home. Using instruments that He'd collected over time, and using production skills he'd learned over years of working in various studios, Mike was able to craft "I Will Not Be Moved", his first single in three years.

Mike says "Recording everything yourself presents a certain level of challenges that you don't have when someone else is working the controls. Namely objectivity. It takes longer because you not only want to get the right take, one with emotion and technicality, but it has to be the right emotion and the right technicality."

He continues saying "The only way I could achieve that was to track some here and there and then drive around listening to it throughout the week. Things would surface that I had to change, I'd get better ideas. The final mix was the same way. I'd do a mix, then go back and do another one until it sounded right and felt good."

You can always catch Mike live at Pete's Dueling Pianos in Austin, TX.

Get "Box Of Letters" & "I Will Not Be Moved" now on iTunes and other digital music retail sites.